LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is a built-in, high-performance dynamic content acceleration feature of the LiteSpeed Web Server.

LSCache is included (free) in Free Starter, Site Owner, Web Host, and legacy 8-CPU license, and is available as a purchasable add-on for all other legacy LSWS licenses (v5.3 and above).

LSCache accelerates dynamic content (not just PHP pages), with features very similar to those in Apache mod_cache, using an efficient, highly customizable, native implementation within LiteSpeed Web Server.

LSCache eliminates the extra reverse-proxy layer(s) required by add-on cache packages (such as Varnish), providing faster, more efficient handling of static content in addition to its stellar handling of dynamic content.

LSCache is the solution for a faster, more enjoyable user experience.

Before you can use an LSCache plugin, you must first execute a few common cache setup steps.

Obtain a LiteSpeed Web Server
LiteSpeed EnterpriseDownload | Get a License w/ LSCache

*NOTE: OpenLiteSpeed does not support ESI. If you wish to use ESI, you will need LiteSpeed Enterprise.

For more information, see LiteSpeed Web Cache Common Installation Guide.

Once you've set up your web server and configured the cache root and cache policies, you're ready to install a plugin. LSCache plugins are available for many popular web applications. The plugins allow you to configure and manage your LiteSpeed server's cache simply and easily, through the application's own familiar interface.

If there is a plugin available for your application, we strongly recommend you use it. There are significant advantages to a plugin, that you cannot get with simple rewrite rules. Learn More.

If there is no plugin available, you can still use LSCache with your web applications. First, you will need to execute a few common no-plugin cache setup steps. Once that is complete, follow the instructions for your particular web application below.

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