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 +====== How to fix “508 Resource Limit Reached” error ======
 +In Web Admin Console: Server General->​Server Process->​CloudLinux,​ there is a [[https://​www.litespeedtech.com/​docs/​webserver/​config/​general#​enableLVE|"​Cloud Linux" configuration option]] to specify whether to enable CloudLinux'​s Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) when it exists. You can use LiteSpeed with LVE to achieve better resource management. ​
 +Once it is enabled, sometime you may experience “508 Resource Limit Reached” error. Actually it is not a LiteSpeed error, but a message from CloudLinux to show that you may reach the concurrent connections limit. Increase LVE limit may fix the issue.
 +Please check more details from CloudLinux documentation[[http://​docs.cloudlinux.com/​entry_processes_limit.html|here]].
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