CloudLinux Environment

Install LiteSpeed on CloudLinux

Installation guide for CloudLinux How to install LiteSpeed on CloudLinux

Configure PHP

CloudLinux PHP SelectorPHP Selector(CloudLinux) How-To: Install and Configurations with LSWS


CloudLinux CageFS How-ToInstallation and Configurations
Configure PHP Selector Native PHP for PleskHow to configure native PHP with CL PHP Selector with Plesk

Advanced Configuration

Different PHP versions per directories using PHP SelectorHow to configure different PHP versions per directories using PHP Selector
Enable PassengerHow to enable Ruby/Python selector
CloudLinux LiteSpeed SupportA CloudLinux PHP Selector installation guide for LiteSpeed
CloudLinux LVEUnderstanding CloudLinux LVE
CloudLinux CageFSUnderstanding CloudLinux CageFS
CloudLinux OptimumCacheUnderstanding CloudLinux OptimumCache


ClouxLinux 508 Resource Limit ReachedHow to fix a “508 Resource Limit Reached” error
Understand LSWS "PHP suEXEC Max Conn" and Cloudlinux LVELSWS “PHP suEXEC Max Conn” should be always less than CL LVE EP
Site Reached Its Capacity Limit!How to fix a “Site reached its capacity limit!” error
Check If "nobody" User Is Limited By LVE“nobody” user should NOT be limited
LiteSpeed Admin returns 503 error on CloudLinux Server“cannot allocate memory”, LiteSpeed Admin returns 503 error on CloudLinux Server
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