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   - CloudLinux System   - CloudLinux System
-  - LiteSpeed ​must be running as the root user to use CRIU Litespeed ​or Apache. Root is required in order to perform the snapshot and recovery. Running as a non-root user automatically disables CRIU.+  - LiteSpeed ​Web Server 5.3 or above. 
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
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 ====2. Check CRIU parameters==== ====2. Check CRIU parameters====
-Generally PHP should be compiled with CRIU already. ​  \\+In CloudLinux, LSPHP have been compiled with CRIU already. ​Please check [[https://​docs.cloudlinux.com/​index.html?​criu_support.html|here]] ​  \\
 Use ''​phpinfo()''​ with parameter ''​-DWITH_CRIU''​ to check the LSPHP build. Use ''​phpinfo()''​ with parameter ''​-DWITH_CRIU''​ to check the LSPHP build.
-If you want to manually compile, please download LSAPI from [[https://​www.litespeedtech.com/​open-source/​litespeed-sapi/​download | here ]]+
 ====3. Configure the PHP environment==== ====3. Configure the PHP environment====
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