Unsupported Apache Modules, Directives, etc.

There are a few Apache modules and directives that are currently not supported by LiteSpeed. These items may or may not be supported in a future version of LSWS.

  • mod_speling
  • Content negotiation via mod_negotiation. For simple setup, you can use a rewrite-based solution.
  • mpm_winnt
  • mod_cloudflare
  • <Directory>…</Directory> with regular expression.
  • <if>…</if>
  • SecAuditLogType in ModSecurity specifies the type of audit log to use: “Serial” or “Concurrent”. LSWS does not support the “Concurrent” type.
  • ProxyPass
  • Variables can be used in Apache functions, as shown in Apache's official documentation, but LiteSpeed does not support functions such as md5 or base64. For example, %{md5:foo} is not supported.
  • FallbackResource is not supported by LSWS. Instead, you can use rewrite rules.
  • RewriteMap is supported but prg: External Rewriting Program is not supported
  • In Header always edit Set-Cookie ^(.*)$ $1;HttpOnly;Secure, edit is not supported.
  • AllowOverride is supported by AllowOverrideList is not.
  • DirectorySlash Off
  • RTMP proxy
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  • Last modified: 2019/09/26 13:33
  • by Jackson Zhang