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 Equivalent CLI commands: ''​scan'',​ ''​enable'',​ ''​disable'',​ ''​flag'',​ ''​unflag'',​ ''​status''​ Equivalent CLI commands: ''​scan'',​ ''​enable'',​ ''​disable'',​ ''​flag'',​ ''​unflag'',​ ''​status''​
-Example: ''​./​lscmctl scan''​ <​nowiki>​[</​nowiki>​[[litespeed_wiki:​cpanel:​cli-lscwp-management|Go to CLI page]]<​nowiki>​]</​nowiki>​+Example: ''​./​lscmctl scan -n''​ <​nowiki>​[</​nowiki>​[[litespeed_wiki:​cpanel:​cli-lscwp-management|Go to CLI page]]<​nowiki>​]</​nowiki>​
 <​html><​br /></​html>​ <​html><​br /></​html>​
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