LiteSpeed Web Server(LSWS) is officially supported by cPanel as of July 21st, 2014. This means that you can now install LSWS through cPanel and still continue to get the high level of support that you have come to expect from the cPanel team. Check out our blog post on this for more info.


cPanel Auto-InstallerUse our auto-installation script to easily install LSWS on cPanel setups

PHP Configuration


Configuring PHP for LSWS when using cPanel EasyApache 4Configuring PHP to work with cPanel + EasyApache 4 + LSWS
Build timezonedb for EA4 PHPWhy we need timezonedb for EA4 PHP and how it works
Enable open_basedir for EA4How to enable open_basedir to work with LSPHP and EA4

EasyApache4 + CloudLinux + LSWS

How to set to use CloudLinux PHP Selector instead of EA4 multi-PHP on cPanel EA4 + CloudLinux + LSWSHow to configure to use CloudLinux PHP selecotor when using cPanel EasyApache 4 + CloudLinux + LSWS

EasyApache3 and other legacy configuration

Configuring PHP for LSWS when using cPanel EasyApache 3Configuring PHP to work with cPanel + EasyApache 3 + LSWS
Configuring PHP for LSWS when using CloudLinux PHP Selector and cPanel EasyApache 3Configuring CloudLinux PHP Selector to work with cPanel EasyApache 3 + LSWS
Configuring CloudLinux PHP Selector Native version when using cpanelHow to configure CloudLinux PHP Selector native version for CPanel and LiteSpeed

WHM Plugin

LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress ManagementHow to use LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress Management features.
Domain Missing in WHM Mass OperationsHow to troubleshoot missing domains in WHM
LSADC Zconf ManagerHow to build cPanel cluster with WebADC via zconf

For Shared hosting, how to control LiteMage on/off and disable end user control in .htaccess

How to Enable Multiple LiteSpeed Processes with 2-CPU or Above License

How to Enable Multiple LiteSpeed Processes on cPanel with 2-CPU or Above License Give LiteSpeed more power in shared hosting environment

Virtual Host-Level Bandwidth Throttling

Virtual Host-Level Bandwidth ThrottlingSet different bandwidth limits for different sites


cPanel TroubleshootingTroubleshoot issues in LSWS/cPanel installations
Restricting cPanel Access to HTTPSFix 500 errors when accessing cPanel
LiteSpeed and Apache switching automatically after EA3 to EA4 upgradeWeb Server problem after cPanel EA3 to EA4 migration, what's wrong with it? How to fix it
New feature monitoring litespeed being killed by cPanel processHow to avoid litespeed being killed by cpanel server processes

Uninstall LSWS and litespeed plugin for WHM

Uninstall LSWS on WHM/cpanelHow to uninstall LSWS and LiteSpeed plugin for WHM


cPanel + WHM InstallerInstall LSWS through cPanel with our WHM plugin
LiteSpeed + cPanelHow to use LiteSpeed together with cPanel
cPanel Apache Migration FAQAnswers To cPanel Migration Questions
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