Free, community-based support can be found on our Support Forum. Our technical staff patrol this forum and will try to answer questions in a timely manner.

Customers may also purchase immediate technical assistance through our Online Store. The price for standard support is $150/hour.

In addition to technical assistance, our LiteSpeed experts can be employed for installation, anti-DDoS fine tuning, and cache set up services. (Each service has a one time fee of $150.) The cache set up and anti-DDoS fine tuning allow you to use LiteSpeed to its fullest, optimizing LSCache (enabled on licenses of 2-CPUs and higher) for use with a number of popular softwares and effectively guarding your server against HTTP attacks.

We encourage Standard Edition users experiencing bugs to report them to bugs(at)litespeedtech(dot)com. Enterprise Edition customers should report bugs through the support ticket system in the Client Area. Making sure that the software runs bug free is of the utmost importance to us. We will respond to and fix all bugs as soon as possible.

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