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-====== ​My owned license errors out "​fail ​to decrypt license key received"​ on an old LSWS version ​======+====== ​Failed ​to Decrypt License Key Received Error ======
-A user's owned license was purchased a couple year ago and the upgrade has been expired so the user can only use LSWS up to 5.2.8. LiteSpeed introduced some new license types and the user has upgraded his old owned license ​to equivalent new license type. When the user tried to use the license on a 5.2.8 binary and it came with an error:''​[ERROR][LICENSE]Failed to decrypt license key received!''​+When upgrading to one of the new license types, on an owned LiteSpeed Web Server ​license, activation fails with the following ​error: ''​[ERROR][LICENSE]Failed to decrypt license key received!''​. This happens on versions of LiteSpeed Web Server that are 5.2.8 or earlier, when you try to activate a new 5.3-style license.
-Why such error+===== The Cause ===== 
 +The new LiteSpeed license types that were introduced with LSWS 5.3 can only be used on version 5.3 and newer. The above error simply means "old binary cannot work with new license type"​. ​
-New LiteSpeed license type can only be used on 5.3+ version and can not be used on 5.2.x and below. The above error simply means "old binary cannot work with new license type"​. ​ On our store, we listed ​clearly, new 5.3will support the new license type. the new type license.key has new encryptiononly 5.3+ binary can decrypt it The user should not upgrade the license type from own one to new one if he has not made any plan to upgrade the server ​to 5.3.x and above version.+In our store, we clearly ​state that only 5.3 and above will support the new license type. The new ''​license.key'' ​has special ​encryption ​that can only be decrypted by 5.3 or higherUsers who don'​t ​plan to update ​to 5.3 should not order one of these new licenses.
-There are two options ​for the user to solve the problem+===== The Solution ===== 
 +If you've already purchased the new license, you have two options:
-  - Purchase yearly upgrade so that he can install the latest version of LSWS +  - Purchase ​yearly upgrade so that you can install the latest version of LSWS. 
-  - Reverse ​back the license ​from the new type to old one( the user can log in to the account and do so) if the user does not want to upgrade LSWS at the time being+  - Revert ​back to a license ​that works with LSWS 5.2.8 and earlier.  
 +You may exercise either of these options through ​the Client Area in the LiteSpeed store.
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