Decrement a numerical key’s value by the given number if the key/value pair exists.


decr <key> <value> [noreply]


  • key - The name of the unique key by which data is accessed.
  • value - The data that needs to be stored.
  • noreply - This optional parameter tells the server not to send any reply.


decr mykey 3


output notes:

  • 3 → Subtract 3 from the value of “mykey”
  • In this example, if “mykey” had a value of “5”, after running decr, its value would be “2”.

possible errors:

  • NOT_FOUND - Indicates that the provided key does not exist in the LSMCD server.
  • CLIENT_ERROR - Indicates that the value associated with the provided key is not numerical.
  • ERROR - Indicates any other error such as a syntax error.
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  • Last modified: 2016/04/07 18:54
  • by Rob Holda