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-====== ​How to use LSMCD Secure User Data Using SASL with LSCWP plugin on cpanel server? ​====== +====== LSMCD + LSCWP + SASL Secure User Data  ====== 
-Firstplease follow ​[[litespeed_wiki:​lsmcd:​user_cpanel|this instructions]] to install LSMCD and LSMCD plugin for WHM/​cpanel ​and ennable SASL on it.+In a cPanel environmentwhen using LiteSpeed Memcached (LSMCD), and the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress (LSCWP), you can secure user data using SASL. Here's how: 
 +If you haven'​t already, install LSMCD, and the LSMCD plugin for WHM/cPanel, and then enable SASL. See [[litespeed_wiki:​lsmcd:​user_cpanel|these instructions]] ​for more information. 
 +Then, from your WordPress Dashboard, navigate ​to **LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > Advanced**. Set the **Username** ​and **Password** appropriately.  
 +Note: **Object Cache** should be ''​ON'' ​and **Method** should be ''​Memcached''​. Set other fields as appropriate for your installation.
-Second, configure each individual LSCWP plugin object cache section to use username and password. 
 {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​lsmcd:​lscwp-objectcache-sasl-enable.png?​800 |}} {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​lsmcd:​lscwp-objectcache-sasl-enable.png?​800 |}}
 +Do this for each instance of LSCWP, as necessary.
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