Using LiteSpeed for Rails Hosting in a Shared Hosting Environment

Rails shared hosting is supported by LiteSpeed Web Server as of release 3.2. By using our high performance, highly scalable ruby LSAPI module, LiteSpeed rails hosting solution can deliver the best performance with minimum server resource requirement. In addition, LiteSpeed Rails hosting solution is an independent solution, which make it compatible with all existing web hosting control panels.

This feature is only available in LSWS Enterprise edition.

“Rails Shared Hosting” configurations must be set properly under the “Ruby” tab via the web administration console.

The user manageable rail configuration file is located at user's home directory or virtual host root directory, a file named as “.ls_rails_config”. syntax is like

#RailsApp <name> <App Path> <Rails Evn> <Children Processes> <RunOnStart>
RailsApp testApp "/lsws/testrails" "development" 4 1

#RailsAppMap <name> <domain> <URI>
RailsAppMap testApp "" "/"
RailsAppMap testApp "" "/"

“App Path” is relative to the user's home directory or the virtual host root directory. User's home directory is used as virtual host root directory for virtual hosts configured through Apache configuration.

If LiteSpeed is used together with hosting control panels, the control panel generated configuration for that virtual host must contain “User xxxx” or “SuexecUserGroup <user> <group>” configuration directive in order for LiteSpeed to determine the user's home directory. Usually, those directives is associated with suEXEC, so you need to enable suEXEC in your hosting control panel.

Whenever this file is touched, Rails applications will be restarted.

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