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 +====== Using LiteSpeed for Rails Hosting in a Shared Hosting Environment ======
 +Rails shared hosting is supported by LiteSpeed Web Server as of release 3.2. By using our high performance,​ highly scalable ruby LSAPI
 +module, LiteSpeed rails hosting solution can deliver the best
 +performance with minimum server resource requirement. In addition,
 +LiteSpeed Rails hosting solution is an independent solution, which
 +make it compatible with all existing web hosting control panels. ​
 +This feature is only available in LSWS Enterprise edition.
 +"Rails Shared Hosting"​ configurations must be set properly under the "​Ruby"​ tab via the web administration console. ​
 +The user manageable rail configuration file is located at user's home
 +directory or virtual host root directory, a file named as
 +"​.ls_rails_config"​. ​
 +syntax is like
 +  #RailsApp <​name>​ <App Path> <Rails Evn> <​Children Processes>​ <​RunOnStart>​
 +  RailsApp testApp "/​lsws/​testrails"​ "​development"​ 4 1
 +  ​
 +  #​RailsAppMap <​name>​ <​domain>​ <URI>
 +  RailsAppMap testApp "​testrails.com"​ "/"​
 +  RailsAppMap testApp "​test.testrails.com"​ "/"​
 +"App Path" is relative to the user's home directory or the virtual
 +host root directory. User's home directory is used as virtual host root directory for virtual hosts configured through Apache configuration.
 +If LiteSpeed is used together with hosting control panels, the control panel generated configuration for that virtual host must contain "User xxxx" or "​SuexecUserGroup <​user>​ <​group>"​ configuration directive in order for LiteSpeed to determine the user's home directory. Usually, those directives is associated with suEXEC, so you need to enable suEXEC in your hosting control panel.
 +Whenever this file is touched, Rails applications will be restarted.
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