Disabling third party modules for specific accounts

Sometime third party module causes problem for one of your clients and when you disable it, everything is working fine. However you can not disable this module completely since it is still needed by other clients. In this case, you can disable this 3rd party module for this specific account/client.

If you use CloudLinux CageFS + PHP selector, you can turn off that module for that specific account.

If you do not use CloudLinux, you need to setup a dedicate ProcessGroup, then set up custom php.ini to remove the 3rd party module from the php.ini. So you can disable the module for this client only, other accounts can still use it.

For overriding php.ini, please check here.

You should use option 4, adding “PHPIniDir” directive to the per-vhost include file.

Add “IfModule” wrapper:

<IfModule LiteSpeed>
PHPIniDir /path/to/php.ini/directory

Make sure you upgrade to the latest stable version of PHP and third party module , the bug could be fixed in the latest release already.

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  • Last modified: 2015/07/28 20:18
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