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-===== How to fix "invalid path - /​xxx/​bin/​lsphp,​ it cannot ​be started ​by Web server!" ​error? ​=====+====== PHP "Cannot ​be Started ​by Web Server" ​Error ======
- +You may see an ''​invalid path - /​xxx/​bin/​lsphp,​ it cannot be started by Web server!'' ​error in the error log or WebAdmin Console, like this:
-You may see such error message ​in error_log ​or webadmin console.+
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-The cause of this is when LSWS starts ​, and with default ​setting ​, it will scan the available PHP binaries.+===== Cause ===== 
 +When LiteSpeed Web Server ​starts ​up with default ​settings, it will scan the available PHP binaries. By default, cPanel/WHM does not install ''​ea-php54''​ through ''​ea-php70'',​ and so LSWS is unable to find those files. Hence the errors.
-and by default cPanel/WHM does not install ea-php54 to ea-php70 , which leads to LSWS unable to find those files, therefore throw up error.+===== Solutions =====
-This error is safely ​to ignore, once you install ​such PHP version ​in WHM , this message will be gone.+It is safe to ignore ​this error. If you want it to go away, simply ​install ​the missing ​PHP versions ​in WHM.
-Or you can also disable auto-detection ​**(not recommended)** and manually configure the external-app to avoid this error message.+Another option ​one we **do not recommend** - is to disable auto-detection ​and manually configure the external app.
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