Too slow, how to make my site faster?

My site running slow, how to make it faster?How to improve my site performance?

My server load is high, how to resolve it?

My server load is high, how to resolve it?How to resolve my server load issue?

How to fix PHP 503 errors?

Troubleshooting 503 ErrorsHow to fix PHP 503 errors?

Understanding 500 error

Understanding 500 errorWhat is 500 internal server error and how to fix it?

How to fix 404 error?

Understanding 404 errorWhat is 404 Not Found error and how to fix it?

How to fix 403 error?

Understanding 403 errorWhat may cause 403 error?

Understanding 400 error

Understanding 400 errorWhat may cause 400 error?

Common errors

Site reached its capacity limitWhat's wrong with it?
"File permission is restricted for script" error How to fix script restriction error
"Can not find External Application: lsphp55" Server error:can not find lsphp55 external app after the installation, how to fix it?
"Site Reached Its Capacity Limit!"How to fix a “Site reached its capacity limit!” error in CloudLinux
LiteMage Cache TroubleshootingHow to troubleshoot LiteMage Full Page Cache
Child process killed, is that normal?How to deal with “Child Process Killed” message in stderr.log
LSWS Admin Panel UnavailableMy LSWS admin panel unavailable, how to fix it?
"Too many bad requests, block"How to fix “Status 400: Bad request method” error?
Handle "Access to context [/] is denied"Troubleshoot “[ACL] Access to context [/] is denied!” error
Directive 'suPHP_UserGroup' is not allowed in current contextHow to fix error“Directive 'suPHP_UserGroup' is not allowed in current context.”
systemd Status Incorrectly Shows InactiveHow to fix when LSWS is actually running
Common errorsUnderstanding some common errors and how to fix them?
Incorrect license will cause LSWS unstableWhy my LiteSpeed web server stoppes everyday?
Incorrect license will cause LSWS untable to startWhy can not start LSWS: “LiteSpeed is not up within 60 secs”?
Newly installed LSWS on cpanel with a site owner license could not be started,why? “Domain limit has been reached, domain limit: 5, total domains: xx”
Minor difference on [L] flag between LSWS and ApacheLSWS and Apache interpreting [L] flag slightly different in rewrite rules
Stderr.log ouputs many PHP warning messages which comsumed a lot of diskStderr.log consuming a lot of disk, how to stop this?
Why "Resume All Listeners"? When “Max connections” limit reached, you might see “Resume All Listeners” errors
"sendKillCmdToWatchdog" is normal Set log level to “WARNING” and it will stop “sendKillCmdToWatchdog”
Large tmp php files How to deal with large tmp PHP files?
My site is unreachable, can you check? Please provide more infomation before sending “websites inaccessible” issue to us


Bug ReportingHow to file a LiteSpeed bug report
Toggle Debug LoggingA feature for quickly switching between normal and very detailed log levels
How to Enable Rewrite LoggingThe first step in debugging rewrite rules
How to Debug my Rewrite RuleThe steps to check the failed rewrite rule
Large Upload File FailuresThe settings to check when large file uploads fail

Advanced troubleshooting

Strace PHP processDiagnosing Performance Issues: Using strace with PHP
Check files openned by a ProcessUse lsof to trace open files
Mysql was killed accidentally by LiteSpeed, Why? Small OS pid_max may cause some processes killed using recycled pid
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