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-====== When Max connections” limit reached, you might see Resume All Listeners” errors ​======+====== ​Resume All Listeners ====== 
 +When the server-level **[[https://​www.litespeedtech.com/​docs/​webserver/​config/​tuning#​maxConnections|Max connections]]** limit is reached, you might see ''​Resume All Listeners'' ​errors.
-You may experience an intermittent issue that http and https requests stop being served correctly ​however this doesn'​t seem to affect all sites initially and gradually ​affects ​all sites on the server. ​Litespeed shows as running however ​when checking ​the error log we are seeing ​a continuous ​loop of "Resume All Listeners" ​until we manually restart ​Litespeed which clears the issue. ​+===== Symptoms ===== 
 +You may experience an intermittent issue where HTTP and HTTPS requests stop being served correctly ​on a handful of sitesgradually ​affecting ​all sites on the server. ​LiteSpeed will appear to be runninghowever the error long will contain ​a continuous ​stream ​of ''​Resume All Listeners''​ errors ​until you manually restart ​LiteSpeed. This clears ​up the issue. ​
   2019-04-09 12:​43:​20.252694 [NOTICE] Resume All Listeners   2019-04-09 12:​43:​20.252694 [NOTICE] Resume All Listeners
Line 9: Line 11:
   2019-04-09 12:​43:​20.469055 [NOTICE] Resume All Listeners   2019-04-09 12:​43:​20.469055 [NOTICE] Resume All Listeners
   ​   ​
-What does "Resume All Listeners" mean? +===== Solution ===== 
- +''​Resume All Listeners'' ​happens when the server hits the server-level **Max Connections** ​limit. The default value of this limit has been increased from ''​2000'' ​to ''​10000'' ​in new installations ​at the time of this writing. However, for an older installation,​ it may be necessary to manually ​update ​the value. The default for the **[[https://​www.litespeedtech.com/​docs/​webserver/​config/​tuning#​maxSSLConnections|Max SSL Connections]]** limit is now ''​5000''​.
-It happens when the server hits the server level [[https://​www.litespeedtech.com/​docs/​webserver/​config/​tuning#​maxConnections|Max connections]] ​limit. The default value of this limit has been increased from "2000" ​to "10000" ​in new installation ​at the time of this writing. However, for older installation,​ it may need a manual ​update. ​ The default for [[https://​www.litespeedtech.com/​docs/​webserver/​config/​tuning#​maxSSLConnections|Max SSL connections]] limit is "​5000" ​now.+
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