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 +===== How to fix error “Directive '​suPHP_UserGroup'​ is not allowed in current context.” =====
 +You may experience the following error: ​
 +  2013-07-31 05:​51:​38.044 WARN /​etc/​httpd/​conf/​extra/​httpd-directories.conf:​26:​ Directive '​suPHP_UserGroup'​ is not allowed in current context.
 +  ​
 +SuPHP is a way to handle security for shared hosting environment,​ which let Apache run PHP process as domain user's ID. LSWS use much faster way of SuEXEC to handle it and doesn'​t use SuPHP at all.
 +The warning message can be safely ignored or comment out the corresponding line in Apache configure to clear the message. ​
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