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 ===== Uninstall Comodo ===== ===== Uninstall Comodo =====
 +You can uninstall comodo rule sets through the same way as you installed them. 
 +==== Through cpanel ModSecurity™ Vendors manager ====
 +If you install comodo rules set through cpanel ModSecurity™ Vendors manager, you can simple to there and click "​delete"​.
 +{{ :​litespeed_wiki:​waf:​cpanel-modsecurity-delete-ruleset.png?​600 |}}
 +==== Through comodo cpanel plugin if installed via it ====
   - Run the uninstall script <​code>​cd /​var/​cpanel/​cwaf   - Run the uninstall script <​code>​cd /​var/​cpanel/​cwaf
 bash /​var/​cpanel/​cwaf/​scripts/​uninstall_cwaf.sh</​code>​ bash /​var/​cpanel/​cwaf/​scripts/​uninstall_cwaf.sh</​code>​
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