Caching Additional Known Cacheable URLs

  1. From the browser, visit a page that can trigger the URL to be cached. Since it is not currently cached, it will be printed out in “system.log”.
  2. The log entry should look something like the following:
    2017-02-21T14:55:31+00:00 DEBUG (7): LiteMage [xx.xx.xx.xx:26072:29461700] ****** PRECHECK route_action [brand_brand_index] /brand/ NO_CACHE=route not cacheable
    2017-02-21T15:30:21+00:00 DEBUG (7): LiteMage [xx.xx.xx.xx:37765:19171300] ****** ****** PRECHECK route_action [brand_brand_view] /brand/sorciere.html NO_CACHE=route not cacheable
  3. Add the displayed route action to LiteMage Config→User-Defined Cache Rules→Cacheable Routes. In this case, the following would be added: brand_brand_view, brand_brand_index.
  4. Refresh the page and re-check the log. The URL should now be listed as cacheable.

Issues can still arise after completing the above steps if the URL is not a standard category or product page as the cached URLs will not be tagged properly. For example, if a product within the brand page is updated, the standard Magento categories and product pages will be auto-purged, but the brand page will not. To resolve this issue, define a custom warm up URL list that will crawl these pages in more frequent intervals, such as every 30 minutes.

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