All Administrative Privilege Browser Commands

The following is a complete list of LiteMage Administrative privilege browser commands along with their descriptions. You can use these commands (with the proper privileges) by adding them to the end of a LiteMage enabled URL in your browser's address bar.

  • ?LITEMAGE_DEBUG=NOCACHE - This command is used for retrieving the current page from the backend, bypassing LiteMage Cache. This is useful for checking the accuracy of the currently cached version of a page.
  • ?LITEMAGE_DEBUG=SHOWHOLES - This command is used to display holes punched during the ESI process. This is useful for checking if all private blocks are being properly hole punched by LiteMage.
    For Example:

    Note: valueOnly blocks will not be shown.
  • ?LITEMAGE_CTRL=PURGE - This command allows you to purge the current page from cache without having to go through the Magento Admin Panel.
  • /litemage/admin/purge?tags= - This command is used to purge any page containing a certain item, category, or cms page by ID number. The command should be followed by a comma separated list of tags and ID numbers where the tag can be P(for product), C(for catalog), or G(for cms page), followed by a dot and the desired numeric ID.

    For Example: your_site_url/litemage/admin/purge?tags=P.345,C.4,G.1

    This is very useful in cases where your Magento database is updated by an external program. In these cases you can use GET with this parameter in a script to automate purging the affected products, categories, or cms pages.

    Note: This is not necessary if updating only through the Magento Admin Panel. When a product is saved in the Magento Admin Panel, not only the product page but also all the related category pages will be automatically purged.
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