Automatically Flush LiteMage Cache

There is no need to set up a cron job to flush LiteMage Cache as cached files are saved and automatically managed by LiteSpeed Web Server.

If you want to delete the actual cached files, you can use lsws/admin/misc/ to do so, but it is not necessary as LiteSpeed Web Server will schedule time to do this when the server is not busy.

On the Magento side, you can issue a flush command from the command line either manually or through cron if needed:


Usage:  php litemage_purge.php -- [options]
--products <product IDs>    Comma delimited product IDs
--cats <category_IDs>       Comma delimited category IDs
--stores <store_IDs>        Comma delimited store IDs
--tags <raw tags>           Comma delimited raw tags. You need to understand LiteMage internals to use this.
--all                       Flush all cached files in LiteSpeed Web Server.r.
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  • Last modified: 2018/05/01 15:50
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