Site Pop-ups Sometimes Don't Appear


When using LiteMage in conjunction with a JS/CSS Compressor (such as the PotatoCommerce Compressor), some pop-ups, including the list of items contained in a customer’s shopping cart, do not appear when being moused over.


The shopping cart is a private block, and LiteMage punches a hole for it. JS/CSS Compressors compress LiteMage Cache extension output separately in the backend. This causes some inconsistencies in variables between the blocks after compression, which in turn causes problems on the frontend. Because of this, when you mouse over the cart, javascript will not be properly triggered and nothing will be displayed.


You must either disable such compressors or move/remove the javascript from the template of the hole-punched block; for example, the minicart template in design/frontend/…/template/checkout/cart/minicart.phtml

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  • Last modified: 2017/05/09 12:05
  • by Lisa Clarke