Is your site still slow, even after enabling LiteMage? How did you measure the slowness? Through online testing tools or Chrome/Firefox Developer Tools?

Let's look at an example of using Chrome developer tools.(If you need some help using such tools, please refer to google's documentation)

You should be able to see the LiteMage cached page only took 159ms to load. It was very fast and you can feel that immediately. However, when you look at the waterfall elements and overall loading time, you see that it took around 4s in total. This overal loading time is usually the one that is reported by online speed checking tools as page load time.

The HTML page is the main page. It's the loading of this page that will give a general feeling of “fast” or “slow” to the end user. LiteMage reduces the load time of the main HTML page from a few seconds to a few hundred milliseconds.

You may notice there are a lot of static files, including CSS, JPG, and JS among others. LiteSpeed doesn't cache static files at all. If you have heavy static CSS or image files, they will take longer to load. Try switching to the lightweight template if you can. Enabling file compression, enabling browser cache or enabling CDN cache for static files should also help.

If you scroll down to see the more slow-loading items, you'll notice that most of these are Ajax calls from Magento code or from some themes or extensions installed in your store. There may be calls to YouTube, calls to the Google API, calls to Facebook, or calls to some other external website hosted on a remote site with a poor response time. All such Ajax calls are non-cachable and will make your store take longer to load. Reducing Ajax calls from php code wherever possible, or changing to lightweight themes and extentions should help the overall page load time.

The following are a few example elements which took a longer time to load:

With LiteMage's help, as far as the user is concerned, the homepage loads within a few milliseconds. It feels very fast, since it often doesn't matter if every piece of the homepage is loaded at the beginning. By the time the user scrolls down to browse, the Ajax calls may have finished loading.

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