New Installation

When you initially setup LiteMage, if it is configured correctly, you should see X-Litespeed-Cache:miss the first time you visit your homepage. This is normal behavior. That first page load is what populates the cache, and for every reload after that, you (and your visitors) should see X-LiteSpeed-Cache: hit,litemage.

What if you have many URLs and want all of the pages served from cache the first time a visitor loads them? You can set up the crawler to warm up the cache for your store. After a warm up, all URLs will be served from cache.

Expired Cache

You may occasionally see a cache miss after your store has been running a while. This can be due to cache that has expired through public TTL. If you want to avoid cache misses like this, Magento will need to run the warm up on a regular basis. On the other hand, you don't want the warm up running at the back end all of the time, because it will use CPU resources and push the server load higher. Follow this rule of thumb to keep the cache fresh while minimizing server load impact: If warm up running time = X, set warm up interval = 3X and public TTL = 4X.

Storage Cleanup

If you have your system set to clean up the cache storage directory regularly, you will see a cache miss after the directory files have been removed. Normally there is no need to remove files under the cache root manually, the server will remove expired entries automatically.

Hit cache object limit

For a large store, it may hit your LiteMage license limit, such as 1500 objects for starter plan, you should upgrade your litemage to a higher plan.

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