Footer Fails to Output for Some Themes


The footer fails to output for SNS themes, SM themes or other themes.


The customized theme references user-initialized global PHP variables in injected blocks. When those ESI blocks render, null pointer errors occur as those variables have been initialized earlier but the injected block has no way of recognizing them. In SNS themes, this is due to the variable “$var_snstheme” being initialized in the header block.


Find the code where this variable is initialized and copy this logic to the template of the injected block, or to the top of the template.

For example, for SNS themes, add the following 2 lines to the top of the template:

global $var_snstheme;
if (empty($var_snstheme)) {
    include (dirname(dirname(__FILE__)).'/sns/sns.php');

Similarly, for SM themes (such as sm-maxshop yttheme), add the following to the top of the template:

if (empty($var_yttheme)) {
        include (dirname(dirname(__FILE__)).'/sm/yt_prepar.php');

Alternative Solution

Remove footer block injection. Doing this will slow down page load times and increase cache size, and as such is not recommended.

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  • Last modified: 2017/05/08 19:22
  • by Lisa Clarke