How to Enable CloudLinux Python and Ruby Selector (alt-mod_passenger) for LSWS

To enable Python or Ruby on a shared hosting environment instead of a dedicated VPS environment, CloudLinux Python and Ruby Selector is recommended. If it is not for a shared hosting environment, you can refer to our archive section for LSWS native setup.

The Python and Ruby Selector allows end users to select the specific version of Python or Ruby they need.


  • LiteSpeed Web Server 5.2+
  • CloudLinux

Steps to Enable Python and Ruby Selector

  1. Make sure Python and Ruby Selector works properly under Apache (follow CloudLinux instructions to install and configure).
  2. Test a Ruby or Python application with Apache and ensure it is running OK.
  3. Run script to install required ruby/python lsapi modules:
  4. Switch to LiteSpeed and try a ruby/python app
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