How to upgrade LiteSpeed Web Server from free version to paid version

Upgrade from Standard Edition (free) to Enterprise Edition (paid) involves two steps:

  • Order a license
  • Download and install Enterprise Edition tarball to replace existing install.


  1. Go to LiteSpeed Store to order license. Go to this page to find out what license you need if you are not sure what to choose.
  2. Login to your server as root (via ssh or console)
  3. Download and install package
    1. Get the download link from LiteSpeed Web Server download page. Say, you choose “Linux (x86_64) 4.1.13 Ent” edition for your server (platform needs to be matched), copy the Download link next to it.
    2. Run below commands to download and install
  cd /root
  tar zxf lsws-4.1.13-ent-x86_64-linux.tar.gz
  cd lsws-4.1.13
  echo "xxx-xxx-xxx" >    # where xxx-xxx-xxx is the license key string
  # Choose 'U' for upgrade when prompted and default for the rest.
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