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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-This will download Comodo Litespeed rules, and move ''​rules.conf.main''​ to ''​rules.conf''​. This is the file we will reference in the WebAdmin console.+This will download Comodo Litespeed rules, and move ''​rules.conf.main''​ to ''​rules.conf''​. This is the master ​file including all rules. You can reference in the WebAdmin console ​for this master file.
 =====Add WAF Rule Set===== =====Add WAF Rule Set=====
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 {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​waf:​waf-ruleset.png?​600 |}} {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​waf:​waf-ruleset.png?​600 |}}
-Click **Add** to edit the **WAF Rule Set**+Click **Add** to edit the **WAF Rule Set**.
 {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​waf:​waf-settings.png?​600 |}} {{ :​litespeed_wiki:​waf:​waf-settings.png?​600 |}}
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   * **Action**: ''​None''​   * **Action**: ''​None''​
   * **Enabled**:​ ''​Yes''​   * **Enabled**:​ ''​Yes''​
-  * **Rules ​Defination**: ''​Include $SERVER_ROOT/​conf/​comodo_litespeed/​rules.conf''​+  * **Rules ​Definition**: ''​Include $SERVER_ROOT/​conf/​comodo_litespeed/​rules.conf''​
 Click **Save** to activate the rules. Click **Save** to activate the rules.
 +You can include as many rule files as you like in the **Rules Definition** area.
 +The Comodo ''​Rules.conf.main''​ file is a Comodo master file to include all rules in order. It the same as manually entering the following:
 +  Include 00_Init_Initialization.conf
 +  Include 01_Init_AppsInitialization.conf
 +  Include 02_Global_Generic.conf
 +  Include 03_Global_Agents.conf
 +  Include 04_Global_Domains.conf
 +  Include 05_Global_Incoming.conf
 +  Include 06_Global_Backdoor.conf
 +  Include 07_XSS_XSS.conf
 +  Include 08_Global_Other.conf
 +  Include 09_Bruteforce_Bruteforce.conf
 +  Include 10_HTTP_HTTP.conf
 +  Include 11_HTTP_HTTPDoS.conf
 +  Include 12_HTTP_Protocol.conf
 +  Include 13_HTTP_Request.conf
 +  Include 14_Outgoing_FilterGen.conf
 +  Include 15_Outgoing_FilterASP.conf
 +  Include 16_Outgoing_FilterPHP.conf
 +  Include 17_Outgoing_FilterSQL.conf
 +  Include 18_Outgoing_FilterOther.conf
 +  Include 19_Outgoing_FilterInFrame.conf
 +  Include 20_Outgoing_FiltersEnd.conf
 +  Include 21_PHP_PHPGen.conf
 +  Include 22_SQL_SQLi.conf
 +  Include 23_ROR_RORGen.conf
 +  Include 24_Apps_Joomla.conf
 +  Include 25_Apps_JComponent.conf
 +  Include 26_Apps_WordPress.conf
 +  Include 27_Apps_WPPlugin.conf
 +  Include 28_Apps_WHMCS.conf
 +  Include 29_Apps_Drupal.conf
 +  Include 30_Apps_OtherApps.conf
 +If using some commercial rules set (like the Atomic rule set) or your own rules set, which does not have such a master file, you have two options:
 +  * Include rules with absolute path one by one in the **Rules Definition** field.
 +  * Make a master file to include all rules with full path, then include only that master file in the **Rules Definition** field. ​
 +If including multi-rul files for mod_security,​ the files must be included in the right order to make them work properly. ​
 =====Enable Firewall===== =====Enable Firewall=====
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