Solutions - The Ultimate Acceleration Platform 2018-02-14 21:47:49 LiteSpeed is the ULTIMATE web acceleration solution, improving performance and scalability while providing WAF and DDoS Attack protection. Learn more!

Succeed with LiteSpeed

  • Apache Drop-In Replacement

  • Event Driven Architecture

  • Fastest PHP + Cache


  • Backed by Dedicated Support Team

  • Fast Response to Security Issues

  • WordPress Acceleration

  • Cloud Deployment Ready

Hosting Providers

LiteSpeed's innovative software solutions allow hosting providers to cut server load in half and double the capacity of existing hardware. Build superior premium services for your clients with LiteSpeed's cache plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and other popular web apps.

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  • Apache Drop-in Replacement
    There's no configuration necessary when you switch to LiteSpeed. LSWS uses the Apache settings you already have and works with your applications out of the box.
  • Control Panel Integration
    Control panel plugins for WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin make installation and management a breeze, allowing you to use the interface you're used to.
  • CloudLinux Integration
    LiteSpeed enjoys a close partnership with CloudLinux, allowing for complete compatibility with this industry-leading shared hosting operating system.
  • Reduced Operating Cost
    LiteSpeed reduces your operating cost with simple management and configuration, smaller hardware footprint, and a higher site-to-server ratio.
  • Zero-Downtime Maintenance
    Only LiteSpeed Web Server allows you to update your web server software with no downtime. Restart and apply configuration changes gracefully.
  • One-Click Cache Acceleration
    cPanel users can manage LiteSpeed Web Server installations and scan/enable LSCache for supported web apps easily across shared servers, through our WHM plugin.
  • DC-Wide High Availability
    Set up load balancing dynamically with LiteSpeed Web ADC's ZeroConfig feature. Web ADC provides high availability and cross-data-center replication.
  • Server-Wide Caching Solution
    Easy server-wide management and configuration of LiteSpeed's powerful cache solution allows you to provide caching as an add-on service.

Site Owners

When you power your sites with LiteSpeed Web Server, you measurably reduce response time and increase capacity. Our control panel plugins make configuration and deployment a breeze. Deliver blazing fast web applications with our cache solutions, and enhance security with built-in anti-DDoS features.

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  • Apache Drop-in Replacement
    There's no configuration necessary when you switch to LiteSpeed. LSWS uses the Apache settings you already have and works with your applications out of the box.
  • More Visitors, Less Hardware
    When you replace Apache with LiteSpeed, you double your maximum capacity, and eliminate the need for a 3rd party caching layer.
  • Easy, Accurate Caching
    LSCache's tag-based Smart Purge technology ensures that when the site's content changes, so does the cache. Never again serve stale content to your users.
  • Built-in Security
    LiteSpeed Web Server mitigates Denial of Service attacks, provides protection from WordPress Brute Force Attacks, and more.
  • Open Source Solutions
    Users are free to download, use, distribute, and modify LiteSpeed's Open Source solutions and source code under the GPLv3 license.
  • E-Commerce Caching
    Accelerate your Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce shops and use ESI to punch holes in pages where information changes from visitor to visitor.
  • Improved User Experience
    Keep visitors coming back when you use LSCache to accelerate your web apps. Users will appreciate your site's superior speed and accuracy.
  • Peace of Mind
    All LiteSpeed products are backed by a dedicated support team which responds quickly to security issues and bug reports.


LiteSpeed's Web ADC offers the most advanced web-caching acceleration capability available today, and can be deployed to any cloud platform to provide highly available, enterprise-scale clusters across distributed data centers.

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  • Simple Management
    The WebAdmin console provides a simple interface for configuring the Web ADC, restarting the server, monitoring cluster statistics, and managing features.
  • Cost-Effective
    Our deploy-anywhere, software-only HA solution is dramatically more affordable than traditional deployments, and can be instantly migrated and scaled on demand.
  • Cache Accelerated
    LiteSpeed Web ADC provides both public and private (per user) flexible cache mechanisms that allow entire (cached) page assembly without backend access.
  • High Availability Failover
    With LiteSpeed Web ADC's High Availability, if one or more of your servers goes down, your data can still be accessed and updated as though it was still up.
  • Load Balancing
    The flexible load balancing algorithm, enhanced by HTTP/2 and QUIC functionality, provides optimal performance and is configurable to match virtually every deployment.
  • Cross-Datacenter Replication
    LiteSpeed Web ADC provides out-of-the box, real-time, asynchronous replication capability supporting deployment of High Availability servers even across data centers.
  • Advanced Security
    LiteSpeed Web ADC provides security measures including WAF Protection with Layer-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering as well as IP-level-bandwidth and request-rate throttling.
  • Best-of-Breed Solution
    The aforementioned features, plus high scalability, cache data synchronization and more, make LiteSpeed Web ADC the best-of-breed solution on the market.