Benchmark Shootout 2019-10-08 20:57:24 Do you think your optimized server setup can beat ours? Join us for a fair and open benchmarks shootout!

Benchmark Shootout

What is the Best WordPress Platform?

Fair and Open Comparison

Here at LiteSpeed Tech, we are all about performance, scalability and security. We work hard to address real-world performance issues, and we are often asked about our benchmark comparisons. To that end, we're starting this public shootout. We've tested OpenLiteSpeed and Nginx on a Digital Ocean VM to start, but we'd like to open it up to everyone, in order to have a fair and open comparison.

If you know anything that can improve nginx performance beyond what we tried, or if you think your optimized server setup can beat these results, let us know! We'd love to team up for more benchmarks!

Test Platform Result
WordPress with WooCommerce
February 28, 2019
OpenLiteSpeed + LSCWP 8361.61 Req / Sec
Nginx + FCGI Cache 1034.69 Req / Sec