ESI Benchmark

We compared the speed at which different web servers and caching platforms respond to requests for small ESI scripts using both non-keep-alive and keep-alive connections.


LiteSpeed Enterprise Performance Gain
Concurrent Users Keep-Alive Apache / Varnish
10 No 2.9x
Yes 3.2x
100 No 2.5x
Yes 2.9x

  • We used a simple ESI script that had 'Hello' in the first file and 'World!' in the included file. We used such a tiny script to avoid saturating the network connection and to show raw speed differences between the different setups.
  • The benchmark simulated serving 10000 requests to 10 and 100 users.
  • The test was performed over a 10GBps network connection to make sure network bandwidth did not become a bottleneck.

Test Enviorment


LiteSpeed Enterprise 5.1.13 
Apache 2.4.25 
PHP 7.1.2 
cPanel 62 
Varnish 4.1.5

Server hardware specs:

Intel Xeon X5660 Single Core @ 2.80GHz  
50GB HDD  
CloudLinux 7.3

Client hardware specs:

Intel Xeon E5-1620 Dual Core @ 3.60GHz 
CentOS 6.8 with OpenVZ kernel 2.6.32-042stab116.1 
Intel X540 10GBASE-T on board NIC

Network Switch:

Netgear XS708E-100NES 8-ports 10G switch

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