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The FREE Starter License

LiteSpeed's new Starter License brings the power of LiteSpeed Web Server and LSCache to your domain. Supports unlimited subdomains, one worker, and two GB of RAM. And it's FREE forever!

Free Starter


LiteSpeed Web Server is a drop-in replacement for Apache, which means you can upgrade with very little fuss and no downtime. Replace your Apache + Varnish setup with LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache and see the difference immediately!

Varnish uses your box's precious memory for its caching, but LSCache is a disk-based cache that is built right into the server, making it extremely powerful and fast. Even on systems without much RAM.

With this new offer, we are planning on upgrading all of our single domain VPS clients from Apache to LiteSpeed free of charge.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the Starter License different than other LiteSpeed Web Server Leased Licenses?

    The Free Starter license supports all of the same LSWS features as the other Enterprise licenses, but it can only be used with a single domain, and with 2GB (or less) memory.

  • What does the 2GB RAM limit mean?

    The Starter license's memory limit refers to the total amount of RAM that is on your VPS or dedicated server. If you have more than 2GB of memory, LiteSpeed will not start under this license. If you require a highter RAM limit, please consider one of our affordable Site Owner licenses, with limits of 8GB and up.

  • Does the 1-domain limit include subdomains or add-on domains?

    The domain limit only refers to top-level domains. Subdomains are unlimited. Add-on domains, providing they are not configured with their own virtual hosts, also do not count toward the limit. This means that you can have as many subdomains of of that one TLD as you like. If using cPanel, all subdomains must be under the same cPanel account as the top-level domain. Any domains that exceed the specified limit will result in a 403 error.

  • Does this license work with CloudLinux? What about cPanel and other control panels?

    Yes, it works with CloudLinux, cPanel, and any control panel that can generate an Apache configuration, such as Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, and ISPmanager.

  • Is there a free hosting control panel I can use?

    Yes, CyberPanel Enterprise supports LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise. It is free when used together with the Free Starter license. Please see for more details. Centos Web Panel (CWP), VirtualMin, and ISPConfig are also options.

  • Can I upgrade to a Site Owner license?

    You can upgrade all licenses at any time with no downtime; a new invoice will be created for the difference.

  • Can I use one license for multiple servers?

    No, each server requires its own license.

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