LiteSpeed Enables HTTP/2 to World Wide WebPowering the majority of all HTTP/2 websites

Due to our strong R&D, LiteSpeed is proud to be the first web server able to deliver a standards compliant, high performance, production ready HTTP/2 implementation -- close to half a year ahead of Nginx and Apache.

Facts about LiteSpeed Web Server:

Why should I use HTTP/2?

  • Better header compression using HPACK
  • Faster page load speeds
  • Stronger data encryption requirement
  • Multiplexing requests with priority
  • Reduced network latency
  • HTTP/2 support on client side is ready. Commonly used browsers already support HTTP/2.
  • HTTP/2 makes SPDY obsolete. Google will be ending SPDY support in favor of HTTP/2 starting early 2016.
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I am currently using Apache, can I implement HTTP/2?

While it does support HTTP/2, Apache's mod_http2 is currently in an experimental stage.

Fortunately, LiteSpeed Web Server has been designed to read and run off Apache’s httpd.conf and .htaccess files. This means a fast switch to LiteSpeed and stable HTTP/2 with no extra configuration necessary!

Go live with HTTP/2 today!