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Enabling HTTPS On Your Site

From obtaining an SSL certificate to configuring HTTPS, here's what you need to know.

Use the following numbered steps to get HTTPS working on your site.

  1. Get an SSL Certificate In One Of Two Ways:

    1. Purchase A Trusted SSL Certificate

      The price for this option can be as low as $5/year depending on the certificate authority. For a public facing site, choose this method.

    2. Use A Self-Signed Certificate

      The cost for this option is zero, but browsers will give a warning when visiting your site. For internal use, choosing this method is fine.

  2. Configure Your Site To Use HTTPS:

    1. Using A Hosting Control Panel
    2. Reference your control panel documentation for configuration instructions.

      cPanel users: Activate and Manage SSL on Your Website (HTTPS)

      HTTP/2 is enabled automatically when LiteSpeed is used with a control panel. LiteSpeed does this by reading the Apache configuration file “httpd.conf”.

    3. Using LiteSpeed Native Configuration
    4. HTTP/2 can be turned “on/off” through SSL configuration. By default it is set to “on”.

      HTTP/2 also requires SSL cipher “ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256” to avoid possible TLS handshake failures. LiteSpeed will automatically fix the cipher string in order to make it compatible with HTTP/2.

Visit our wiki page on HTTPS/SSL Configuration for more detailed info.