Replace Apache with LiteSpeed Web Server in 15 minutes

Your servers are overloaded — traffic spikes eat too much memory, you've got too many users, there's just too many DDoS attacks — but you've invested too much time in Apache to switch, right? Wrong.

LiteSpeed Web Server is Apache compatible

LSWS has been designed to read and run off Apache's httpd.conf and .htaccess files. This means there's no configuration necessary when you switch to LiteSpeed. It uses the Apache settings you already have and works with your applications out of the box — including hosting control panels written for Apache.

Faster, more stable servers in 15 minutes

LSWS can be installed and switched with Apache in less than 15 minutes with no downtime. Once installed, LiteSpeed Web Server takes your Apache settings and processes them with its event-driven architecture, allowing for lightning fast responses and consistent, efficient memory usage. You're only one installation script from increasing your performance and saving money on hardware and support.

The only control panel-integrated solution

Control panel plugins for WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin make installation even easier, allowing you to install, register, and switch to LiteSpeed Web Server, all using the interface you're used to. Nginx can't claim that. cPanel users can even install and set up LSWS with one simple script. For other users, step-by-step walkthroughs for switching from Apache, are available in our wiki.

Ready to try it out now? Get a free 15 day trial license, then download LSWS, or download a control panel plugin and install LSWS from your hosting control panel.

Accelerate your internet now.