Release Log 2019-10-14 18:09:42 LiteSpeed Cache for Laravel implements accurate caching and purging in your custom-developed Laravel projects. Cache both public and private content on the same page with ESI! Find Out More...

LSCache Plugin for Laravel
Release Log

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LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for Laravel is frequently updated with new features and bug fixes.

LSCache Plugin 1.1.0(10-14-2019) Updates

  • NEW FEATURE Add stale option to LSCache::purge function
  • UPDATE Update to adapt to the above change as well as explaining what the actual change does

LSCache Plugin 1.0.3(09-23-2019) Updates

  • REFACTOR Add Laravel 6 support

LSCache Plugin 1.0.2(06-05-2019) Updates

  • REFACTOR Add Laravel 5.1 to 5.5 support
  • UPDATE Add documentation for how to use LSCache with Laravel >=5.1 and <=5.4

LSCache Plugin 1.0.1(05-01-2019) Updates

  • REFACTOR Do not return X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control if the default max-age is set to `0`.
  • UPDATE Update the to reflect the X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control change.

LSCache Plugin 1.0.0(04-19-2019) Initial Release

  • NEW FEATURE Added support for setting LSCache Cache-Control via a middleware.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for purging the cache via a Facade.