Release Log 2019-04-15 19:10:57 Release Log from LiteSpeed Technologies

LSCache Plugin for OpenCart
Release Log

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LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for OpenCart is frequently updated with new features and bug fixes.

LSCache Plugin 1.2.0 (02-22-2019)New Features, Improvements

  • NEW FEATURE Added Guest Mode feature, to improve load speed for non-session visitors.
  • NEW FEATURE Added cache warm up (recache) options: "for all currencies," "for all languages," "for all language and currency combinations".
  • NEW FEATURE Added cache warm up CLI command support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added purgeAll CLI command support.
  • IMPROVEMENT Ensure LSCache plugin admin GUI is refreshed after installation or upgrade.

LSCache Plugin 1.1.0 (11-16-2018)New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added Ajax Load Wishlist option, on by default.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Ajax Load Compare option, off by default.
  • IMPROVEMENT Now compatible with more 3rd party themes, including the Journal theme.
  • IMPROVEMENT Increased speed of changing Language/Currency.
  • BUGFIX Fixed an issue where 'Purge All LiteSpeed Cache' header button didn't work.

LSCache Plugin 1.0.2 (11-02-2018)Updates, & Bug Fixes

  • UPDATE Stop "Rebuild All LiteSpeed Cache" if the crawler feature is disabled at the server level.
  • UPDATE Added "debug current session" mode to logging options in admin panel.
  • BUGFIX Fixed an issue that could cause errors in PHP version 5.5 or lower.
  • BUGFIX Fixed an issue that could cause JavaScript warnings.

LSCache Plugin 1.0.1 (10-30-2018)New Features, Improvements, & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added the ability to enable logging only for the current user session for debugging purposes
  • IMPROVEMENT Fixed an improper display issue caused by the web server buffer when clicking the 'rebuild all litespeed cache' button.
  • UPDATE Minor update to avoid cross-site scripting errors and warning messages.
  • BUGFIX Fixed admin panel web pages displaying the wrong title for some sites.
  • BUGFIX Fixed an ESI module load exception bug with OpenCart v2.3.
  • BUGFIX Fix a bug that caused display errors and continuous refreshing for the shopping cart in some themes.

LSCache Plugin 1.0(10-1-2018) New Features & Improvements, Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Add Purge All LiteSpeed Cache button to admin header.
  • BUGFIX Fixed an issue that caused the information page not to be cached.

LSCache Plugin 1.0 Beta(9-21-2018)Initial Release

  • NEW FEATURE Automatically purge related pages after modifying OpenCart Product/Category/Information/Manufacturer data.
  • NEW FEATURE Automatically purge ESI cart module after adding a product to the cart or editing the cart.
  • NEW FEATURE Rebuild All LiteSpeed Cache feature will crawl all sitemap URLs to warm up the page cache.
  • NEW FEATURE ESI Modules Management allows user to Add/Edit/Remove ESI modules.
  • NEW FEATURE Page Management allows user to change page cache settings or to add new pages to LiteSpeed Cache.
  • NEW FEATURE Automatically purge ESI module after modifying related OpenCart data.