LiteSpeed Cache Add-on for XenForo Download

The LiteSpeed Cache Add-on for XenForo is free and open source. It requires LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) Enterprise Edition 5.0.12+ (with LSCache).

If you do not currently have LSWS Enterprise 5.0.12+ installed but would still like to take advantage of LiteSpeed Cache for XenForo, follow all steps below.

If you already have LSWS Enterprise 5.0.12+ installed, skip to step 2.

Step 1: Get LiteSpeed Enterprise 5.0.12+

Step 2: Get A LiteSpeed Enterprise License With The LSCache Module Enabled

LSCache will be included by default

Be sure to select "Yes" or "With LiteMage" in the LSCache option under “Configurable Options” when purchasing your license

    • Upgrade Existing License: If you already have an existing LSWS Enterprise License you can upgrade to have the LSCache module enabled.

Log into your account and navigate to Services > My Services > View > Details > Management Actions > Upgrade/Downgrade Options and set the LSCache option to "Yes" or "With LiteMage"

Step 3: Download the LiteSpeed Cache Add-on for XenForo

Download the LiteSpeed Cache Add-on from our XenForo Recources page.
Note: You will need a XenForo account to download the add-on

Step4: LiteSpeed Cache for XenForo Installation and Configuration

Install and configure LSCXF using the Installation guide on our LSCXF Wiki.