Release Log 2019-04-15 19:15:21 Release Log from LiteSpeed Technologies

LSCache Module for PrestaShop (LSCPS)
Release Log

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LSCPS is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes.

LSCPS Module 1.2.6(03-18-2019)New Features & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added web service hooks to auto-purge related products when there are updates or stock status changes.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for blockwishlist for PS 1.6.
  • BUGFIX Fixed an issue where uploading a new product image from the back office could cause an exception.
  • BUGFIX Fixed the debug log file directory for PS 1.7.4 and 1.7.5.

LSCPS Module 1.2.5(10-08-2018)Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • IMPROVEMENT Allow PS1.6 styled non-widget modules for ESI customization. Now user can add customization for uecookie.
  • BUGFIX Fixed compatibility with third party modules for check out triggered purge actions.

LSCPS Module 1.2.4(7-31-2018)Major New Features & Improvements

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added LSCPS crawler; requires setup via separate cron job.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved mobile browsing under guest mode.
  • IMPROVEMENT If a page contains products with specific prices, TTL will be auto adjusted based on special price effective dates.

LSCPS Module 1.2.3(6-29-2018)Major New Features & Improvements

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added ability to auto flush products and related categories after a new order is placed.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved auto flush and added more built-in integration.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved ESI injection implementation for JavaScript variables.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added default support for third party modules: iqitcookielaw and iqitpopup (Warehouse theme), gdprpro (from PrestaChamps).
  • IMPROVEMENT Added language packs for Dutch and German.

LSCPS Module 1.2.2(2-11-2018)Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • IMPROVEMENT Improved compatibility with PS 1.7.2.
  • BUGFIX Fixed missing purge header when saving a product in PS1.7.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug in ESI injection introduced in v1.2.1.

LSCPS Module 1.2.1(2-03-2018)Bug Fixes

  • BUGFIX Fixed ESI injection inside JavaScript.
  • BUGFIX Fixed the compatibility with Iqit Warehouse theme v4.1.5 via ESI injection fix.

LSCPS Module 1.2.0(10-31-2017)New Features and Improvements

  • NEW FEATURE Improved first page load for new visitors. This requires LiteSpeed Enterprise 5.2.2 BUILD1 or higher.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved compatibility with PS 1.6.
  • IMPROVEMENT .htaccess is auto updated when settings changed. No longer need to manually update it.

LSCPS Module 1.1.1(10-06-2017)Major Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT Compatible with PS 1.6.0 branch.
  • BUGFIX Fixed compatibility issue with PS 1.6.0 branch.

LSCPS Module 1.1.0(10-04-2017)Major Improvements

  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT Support for PS1.6 and PS1.7.
  • UPDATE Added integration framework for PS1.6 and PS1.7. More third-party integration can be easily added following this structure.

LSCPS Module 1.0.0(8-14-2017)Initial Release