Release Log 2019-05-29 16:28:48 Release Log from LiteSpeed Technologies

LSCache Extension for Shopware
Release Log

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LiteSpeed Cache Extension for Shopware is frequently updated with new features and bug fixes.

LSCache Extension 1.1 (2-14-2019)New Features, Improvements, & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added two CLI commands:
    php bin/console litespeedcache:warmup
    php bin/console litespeedcache:purgeall
  • UPDATE Improved cache warmup performance.
  • UPDATE Added support for Shopware 5.4+.
  • BUGFIX Fixed the UI cache warmup problem.

LSCache Extension 1.0(1-24-2019) New Features & Updates

  • NEW FEATURE "Compare" is now a private cache block that refreshes when the "Add to compare" button is clicked.
  • NEW FEATURE "Add to favorite" button now refreshes shopping cart private cache block.
  • NEW FEATURE Added crontab job support.
  • UPDATE Shopping cart is now in public cache until user logs in or adds an item to the cart.
  • UPDATE Admin menu Configuration->Cache/Performance->Clear Shop Cache now also clears all LiteSpeed Cache.
  • UPDATE LiteSpeed Cache log file (disbaled by default) is now stored in /shopware_root/var/log/.

LSCache Plugin 1.0 Beta(1-11-2019)Initial Release

  • NEW FEATURE Automatically purge related pages after modifying Product/Category/Blog/Banner data.
  • NEW FEATURE Automatically purge ESI cart module after adding a product to the cart or editing the cart.
  • NEW FEATURE Warm up LiteSpeed Cache feature will crawl all sitemap URLs to warm up the page cache.
  • NEW FEATURE Add/Edit/Remove cached controllers.
  • NEW FEATURE Add/Edit/Remove cached widgets.
  • NEW FEATURE Add/Edit/Remove url path to exclude from cache.
  • NEW FEATURE Enable cache for logged-in users.