DirectAdmin Plugin 2023-08-17 14:06:11 The DirectAdmin LiteSpeed plugin allows you to easily manage your LiteSpeed Enterprise or OpenLiteSpeed server, deploy the LSCache for WordPress plugin server-wide with one click, and more.

DirectAdmin LiteSpeed Plugin

Manage LiteSpeed Enterprise or OpenLiteSpeed in DirectAdmin with our easy-to-use plugin.

DirectAdmin Plugin Features

    • Support for both LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise edition and OpenLiteSpeed.
    • Portal to LiteSpeed WebAdmin Console.
    • Restart LiteSpeed Web Server.
    • Simple server-wide deployment and management of the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin.
    • Dashboard Notification (Broadcast a Message, Recommend a Plugin) across all WordPress installations.
    • Additional LiteSpeed-Web-Server-only features, including Cache Root Setup and License Status/Change/Transfer.
add the plugin

Add the Plugin

The LiteSpeed DirectAdmin plugin can be added through DirectAdmin's Plugin Manager feature:

  1. Navigate to Extra Features > Plugin Manager and press the "Add" button. Select the "File" option, and make sure "Install after upload" is checked.
  2. Download the plugin from our downloads page, drag it into the Plugin Manager, and press the Install button.

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