Make the Jump to LiteSpeed

When a potential customer asks us if we use Litespeed we're proud to say yes, knowing that in todays industry customers actively seek out a Litespeed host.

Cody R.HawkHost CTO

LSWS Means Less Crowded Servers

LiteSpeed Web Server uses less CPU and memory than Apache and this usage stays predictable even with traffic spikes or DDoS attacks. This means that, given the same hardware, LSWS can double or triple server capacity. Extra capacity equals a less crowded, more stable server, and reliably more responsive websites for you.

In our experience, we have seen page loading cut in half by using LiteSpeed over a traditional Apache installation. This makes customer sites faster and also helps to reduce the server load.


LSWS Means Faster Sites

LiteSpeed Web Server handles connections faster and more efficiently. LiteSpeed's exclusive server API, LSAPI, also gives you the fastest web applications and access to features — high-performance suEXEC and efficient opcode caching — that make an even bigger difference in shared hosting. This means web apps like Magento or Wordpress run even faster on LSWS.

LiteSpeed Web Server means that, when our customers start their business, they already have a 1-0 advantage over other companies' customers.

Serkan K.alastyr CEO

LSWS Means Better Stability

Thinking of upgrading to a VPS? You may not need to. LiteSpeed Web Server's predictable memory and CPU usage leads to better stability, as everyone on the server uses less resources and you worry less about being slowed down by a resource hungry neighbor. LiteSpeed's high-performance, secure suEXEC capabilities and anti-DDoS features also mean consistent high speeds with less concern over security breaches.

Its anti-flood technologies, additional attention to security and DDoS protection features have proven invaluable in continuing to provide a solid platform.

Jesse M.VentraIP COO

LSWS Means the Provider Cares About Their Service

More and more hosting companies are adopting LiteSpeed, realizing that it is an important part of optimizing their hosting platform. LiteSpeed Web Server alone does not guarantee good service — many other factors come into play — but a company that wants to provide top quality service is more likely to have done their research and recognized the benefits that LSWS offers.

After switching to LiteSpeed, the reliability of our servers has improved and customer websites load faster than ever. Server load has reduced significantly, allowing us to cut down on total number of servers and pass the savings on to our customers.

Sindre M.ProperHost CEO

Apache revolutionized the Internet in 1995. Now it's time to make the next jump. Ask your provider if they are using LiteSpeed.

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