The Ultimate Web Acceleration Platform

Combining unbeatable static and PHP generated content speed with Apache compatibility, HTTP/2 support, and a built-in ESI capable cache, LiteSpeed runs sites FASTER and EASIER than any other web infrastructure software.

The Fastest PHP Platform

LiteSpeed’s PHP LSAPI significantly reduces IPC (inter process communication) overhead, running typical PHP loads 4 to 5 times faster than Apache with PHP-FPM. Our users immediately see better dynamic site performance and lower server loads after making the switch to LiteSpeed.

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The Fastest Cache Engine

LiteSpeed's Cache Engine outperforms other caching solutions by a wide margin, doubling the speed seen in other Varnish based solutions. See our benchmarks for more comparisons.

ESI Technology Enables Dynamic Page Caching

Modern web applications are not cache friendly. Content often varies for different visitors, and within a page some portions change from one request to the next. The most common examples of such content are shopping cart applications. Edge Side Includes (ESI) technology can separate these dynamic components from static content, storing the non-changing content in cache.

Easy Caching With Application Specific Cache Plugins

Caching is not easy. A “dumb” cache is very likely to break today’s web applications by caching more (or less) than it should. Dedicated LiteSpeed Cache plugins, tailored to popular web applications, CMS, and eCommerce shopping carts, ensure accurate caching with minimal setup.

Flexible Cache Control

LiteSpeed Cache behavior can be fine tuned via rewrite rules in .htaccess:

  • Selectively turn caching on/off based on URL, cookie, IP address, etc.
  • Add a cache vary to cache multiple versions of the same page (per language, etc.).

Easy Cache Management Via Control Panel Plugins

Even hosting thousands of WordPress sites on a single server is no problem with LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager. Tightly integrated with popular web control panels, LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager allows you to discover active WordPress installations and quickly enable caching directly from your control panel of choice.

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