WordPress Security https://www.litespeedtech.com/images/logos/litespeed/litespeed-logo.png 2019-11-15 21:37:09 LiteSpeed provides WordPress security through brute force attack protection, server-level reCAPTCHA, ModSecurity, Imunify360, and compatibility with Wordfence and other security plugins.

WordPress Peace of Mind with LiteSpeed

When LiteSpeed is at the heart of your WordPress hosting stack, you can relax, knowing that your sites are protected from every angle.

WordPress Brute Force Security

Protection from Brute Force Attacks

LiteSpeed Web Server comes with built-in protection against WordPress Brute Force Attack. During such an attack, the login page is accessed repeatedly in an attempt to guess a valid userid and password, and gain access to the system. Besides the obvious security risks that brute force attacks pose, they also consume considerable server resources.

WordPress itself has no built-in protection against brute force attacks, but with LiteSpeed Web Server, you can configure a level of protection that is appropriate for you shared hosting environment.

WordPress Brute Force Security

Server-Level reCAPTCHA Verification

Most reCAPTCHA verification is executed at the application level. While this common implementation can help with data validation, it requires the page to be loaded by the visitor, and does nothing to keep the server from being overrun from attack.

LiteSpeed moves reCAPTCHA from the application level to the server level, and protection is highly configurable. By setting reCAPTCHA to trigger only when server load reaches a given threshold, reCAPTCHA acts as gatekeeper when traffic spikes, but stays out of the way during normal operation.

ModSecurity and Imunify360

ModSecurity & Imunify360 Compatibility

Enabling extensive Web Application Firewall rulesets for WordPress sites on other servers can result in a prohibitively high CPU load. LiteSpeed Web Server's ModSecurity implementation is different. You get all of the protection of ModSecurity rulesets, including CloudLinux Imunify360, with minimal CPU impact.

Wordfence Compatibility

Wordfence Compatibility

Already using a WordPress security plugin you like? You can keep using it. LiteSpeed Web Server and the LiteSpeed Cache plugin are compatible with Wordfence and other WordPress security plugins.

WordPress Hosting Solution

Complete WordPress Hosting Solution

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