Improve WordPress PageSpeed Score with LSCache 2019-03-04 19:45:19 Optimize your images, streamline your site, and improve your WordPress PageSpeed score with LiteSpeed Cache: the FREE, highest-rated cache plugin for WordPress! Includes Cache for mobile & logged-in users; CSS/JS optimization, browser and object cache support, CDN support, and more.

Why LiteSpeed?

Looking to improve your WordPress PageSpeed score? The LiteSpeed Cache plugin is packed with FREE premium features for a faster site and a better user experience!

  • Image Optimization, WebP Support, Lazy Load

  • Asynchronous CSS with Critical CSS Generation

  • Mobile/AMP Cache and Crawler

  • Full-Page Public and Private Cache

  • Fragment Cache aka ESI Hole Punching

  • Support for Cache Varies

Improve Your WordPress PageSpeed Score

Improve your WordPress PageSpeed Score with LiteSpeed Cache

So you've run Google's PageSpeed Insights tool, and you're unhappy with your score. The tool has provided a checklist of suggestions, but how do you implement them?

LiteSpeed Cache to the rescue! The LiteSpeed Cache plugin provides the necessary functions to address the checklist and push your PageSpeed score to new heights: Cache for mobile & logged-in users; image optimization, browser and object cache support, CDN support, CSS/JS optimization, and more.

Add the LiteSpeed plugin to improve your WordPress PageSpeed score and make your site load faster than ever!


LiteSpeed Cache is the best cache plugin for WordPress

LiteSpeed's exclusive LSCache module, included with every LiteSpeed Web Server license, is robust, flexible, and built right into LiteSpeed web server.

Compare LiteSpeed's Cache Engine to other caching solutions, and you'll see how it outperforms them by a wide margin.

Make your site twice as fast with the flick of a switch!

The BEST-Rated Cache Plugin

LiteSpeed Cache gets 5-star reviews

"I've been using W3 Total Cache for a while, but when I used LiteSpeed I immediately jumped boat!"


"On a LiteSpeed server works better than any free cache plugin. I tested WP-Super Cache, W3 Total etc."


"5 Star! Perfectly perfect. Better then WP Cache or Total Cache."


"I've literally spent more than 100 hours optimizing and researching different WP cache plugins, and LiteSpeed Cache + LiteSpeed Enabled Hosting = BEST SOLUTION for WordPress performance!"


"The most comprehensive optimisation plugin I've come across, and I've tried many!"


Feature Comparison

Feature LiteSpeed Cache WP Super Cache W3 Total Cache WP Rocket WP Fastest Cache
Cache Features
Server-Level Full-Page Cache
Tag-Based "Smart Purge"
Tight Integration With Server
Private Cache
Edge Side Includes (ESI)
WordPress Multi-Site Support
Cache Logged-in Users
Cache Separate Mobile View
Cache Vary on User Group
Cache Vary on Geographic Location, Currency, etc
Purge Selected URLs on a Schedule
Browser Cache Support
Other Optimization Features
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
Database Optimization
CSS Minify
CSS Combine
JavaScript Minify
JavaScript Combine
JavaScript HTTP/2 Push
Load CSS Asynchronously
Load JavaScript Deferred
HTML Minify
Exclude Selected URI's from Optimization
Remove Query Strings
Remove Google Fonts
Lazy Load Images
Lazy Load iframes
Wildcard Usage in CDN Support
Image Optimization

*Requires Licensed copy of a LiteSpeed Web Server with Cache Module

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