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So You're Interested in a Faster WordPress Site

LiteSpeed's FREE WordPress plugin is packed with features. Optimize your images, streamline your site, and boost your PageSpeed score!

To achieve maximum performance, your WordPress site will need to be powered by LiteSpeed Web Server. Ask your hosting provider to set you up with LiteSpeed. Or, if you have your own VPS, you can grab a FREE LiteSpeed Web Server License in our store.

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Installation is Easy

  • 1

    Enable Caching at the Server Level

    Set your cache root and cache policy in LiteSpeed Web Server.

    You can do this yourself, or ask your Hosting Provider to do it for you.

    Learn How

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    Install the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

    Download LiteSpeed Cache from the WordPress Plugin Directory, or from the Plugins page of your WordPress dashboard.

    Or, ask your Hosting Provider.

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    Activate the Plugin and Enjoy!

    Upon activation from the WordPress Dashboard's Plugin area, LiteSpeed Cache begins to work immediately. You can tune it further, or just let it do its thing right out of the box.

    Beginner's Guide

Why Make the Jump to LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed's exclusive LSCache module is robust, flexible, and built right into LiteSpeed web server. LiteSpeed's Cache Engine outperforms other caching solutions by a wide margin, and can make your site twice as fast with the flick of a switch.

LSCache for WordPress is the best-rated cache plugin with FREE premium features:

  • Image Optimization

    Image Optimization, WebP Support, Lazy Load

  • Async CSS with CCSS Generation

    Asynchronous CSS with Critical CSS Generation

  • Mobile/AMP Cache

    Mobile/AMP Cache

And So Much More!

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