some errors from stderr.log FreeBSD x64 8.x

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by julian, Apr 25, 2014.

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    system is FreeBSD x64 8.x server running on 'chroot environment'
    I want to draw your attention to some errors of stderr.log. Full log
    2014-04-13 13:31:03.702 [STDERR] Error Traversing Database for ipnum = 1211098133 - Perhaps database is corrupt?
    2014-04-14 07:17:01.001 [STDERR] Child process with pid: 34322 was killed by signal: 15, core dump: 0
    2014-04-18 11:14:33.317 [STDERR] Child process with pid: 2760 was killed by signal: 11, core dump: 128
    2014-04-18 19:12:14.004 [STDERR] sysctl: Failed to set 'kern.sugid_coredump', core dump may not be available!: Operation not permitted
    one more thing, about the log rotation. Server some reason ignores my settings, rotating logs every day, and not in size designation in the settings

    Log Control  =>  Own Log File
    File Name  =>  $SERVER_ROOT/logs/$VH_NAME/access.log
    Piped Logger  =>  Not Set
    Log Format  =>  Not Set
    Log Headers  =>  Referrer  UserAgent  Host  None
    Rolling Size (bytes)  =>  1G
    Keep Days  =>  60
    Bytes log  =>  Not Set
    Compress Archive  =>  Yes
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