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My adventures with LSCache and OLS have been met with issues, but when they work, they are oh-so-great!
Amazon Brute Checker UPDATE 2020 + OTP and DCQ bypass


1) Proxy support
2) Work with OTP with access to eMails
3) Saving the full log, maps, addresses, phone numbers, prime, cookies
4) A clear view of statistics
5) Improved work with captcha, video captcha processing, robot check solution, iDecoder support
6) new engine and design
7) stream algorithm and authorizat
Hello! can you help solve some problems with LSCache for Opencart plug-in?

I create threads here, create ticket, send e-mails, create issues in Github - week gone :( any answer :(
Hello friend, sorry, my english is bad.. I have a same problem with you in .htaccess file in openlitespeed. How could you solve it? Can you help me? Thanks