LiteSpeed Web Server
Enterprise v6.1

Major Features:

  • Powerful asynchronous WAF engine
  • ARM 64 support
  • Bubblewrap/cgroups integration
  • Improved Apache configuration compatibility
  • Improved Cache engine with POST caching

The FASTEST WordPress Stack

  • LiteSpeed Web Server

    LiteSpeed Web Server

    Fastest Built-in Cache

    Superior performance and accuracy with ESI-enabled server level caching.  

  • LSCache for WordPress

    LSCache for WordPress

    Intelligence + Optimization

    The best WordPress cache plugin with PageSpeed optimization.
    5-out-of-5 Stars!  


    Complete Acceleration

    A global CDN that caches ALL of WordPress, not just images and static content.  

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HTTP/3 is available in LiteSpeed products across the board, with rock-solid stability and unbeatable performance.

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Common Questions About OWASP with OpenLiteSpeed

Common Questions About OWASP with OpenLiteSpeed

Nov 13th, 2023

We've compiled this short FAQ to help you be successful securing your OpenLiteSpeed server with OWASP.

Managing Cacheability w/LSCWP API

Managing Cacheability w/LSCWP API

Jun 19th, 2023

A look at three LSCWP API cache hooks which control the cacheability of a page for your plugin or other…

How to Use Configuration Templates

How to Use Configuration Templates

Jun 12th, 2023

LiteSpeed's virtual host configuration templates make it easy to create multiple similar vhosts with minimal work.

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