LSWS Benefits (Short) 2018-01-16 16:06:36 LSWS Benefits (Short) from LiteSpeed Technologies

LiteSpeed Web Server Overview

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is the only lightweight, high-performance Apache replacement compatible with all major hosting control panels. Upgrading your web server to LiteSpeed Web Server takes 15 minutes and improves your performance while lowering hardware and support costs:

Apache Drop-In Replacement

LSWS can load Apache configuration files directly and works as a drop-in replacement for Apache with hosting control panels — replacing Apache in less than 15 minutes with zero downtime.

More Efficient

With its streamlined event-driven architecture, LiteSpeed Web Server can serve thousands of clients concurrently with minimal memory consumption and CPU usage.

Better Static Performance

LSWS's highly optimized code serves static content faster, taking advantage of high-performance kernel syscalls to provide static content up to 5x faster than Apache and 67% faster than nginx.

Better Web Application Performance

LSAPI, LiteSpeed's unique server API gets the most out of PHP, Ruby, and PHP, leading to up to 40x better PHP performance.

Enhanced Security

In addition to mod_security compatibility and a host of built-in anti-DDoS features, LiteSpeed's team of dedicated developers is always on the lookout for new Internet threats and reacts swiftly to release patches.